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1) As far as my dog goes, Rocky is currently on medication to balance out his calcium and phosphate levels. We're hoping this will at least help and maybe he won't need surgery, but we won't find out for another 4 weeks. Fingers crossed and praying hard!

2) I'll be going to Alamo City Comic Con down in good ol' San Antonio in a couple of weeks! I will not be exhibiting in the Artist Alley (or Artist Boulevard, as it's called there), I'm only going as a spectator. Of course, Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn are both going to be there, so no surprise, lmao.

3) Speaking of AAs, I'm giving serious debate as to whether or not to do an AA table at our newish, local convention next summer. I'll admit, I don't think my stuff -be it prints, or stuff like charms- would really sell well for a couple of reasons:
  • My personal works and characters are not established yet. Yes, it's taken me 10+ years to finally hunker down and actually start-ish on developing something (Ad Astra 77, in this case), but I probably won't have the first AA77 story done in time.
  • My fan art, contrary to what you may think, is not popular at all. I stick to "fringe" interests -SWTOR, Killer Instinct, and the Ravagers from GOTG-, which is probably a large reason why I've never gotten popular from making mostly fan art, ahaha. Much as I'd love to sell some prints of Fulgore, Kira Carsen, or Yondu, and even hope that people find Irma and Alloy cool enough on their own to buy a print or charm of them w/o knowing their story... I'd rather not sink in the time/money and not make back enough of a return on my investment, you know?

Still, it's something I'm weighing as I'm looking forward to 2016. Outside of said local convention, I probably won't do any cons next year, as I've decided I think I'd rather go to Estes Park in Colorado next summer instead. Less of a money sink compared to traveling out of state for a con, ahaha.

So yeah, that's pretty much that for now. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Gosh I love your gallery. Kudos <3
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thanks for the fav.... you have really awesome stuff!
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Merry Christmas
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Happy Birthday!
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Hello! :wave:
I'm DelDraws on Instagram and GalaxySeer on Tumber and I just wanted to say thanks for all the support! :'D
//it really is an honor to be watched by one of my favorite artists!// ;w;
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