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Please, do yourself and my blood pressure a favor and READ THE ARTIST'S DESCRIPTION. Thank you.

I will also reject most group requests. Sorry.


This stuff is the hot cash.
Just to keep this somewhat organized:

1) I started up a new website: I decided to go with Weebly, because I liked how it was set up and it's not nearly as unruly as WordPress. I'll eventually switch the domain over to Weebly, but for now, it's a redirect. I'm only really putting some of the better, recent stuff up there, but there's a few "rough" drawings, too. Sorry to say, you probably won't find anything older than mid-2014 (so that means no Green Lantern or Nick!TMNT). XV

2) I also started up a tumblr blog solely for my non-fandom/personal/original projects a few months ago, but I don't think I've ever actually talked about or shared a link to it:… There isn't much right now, but I'm making an effort to post a lot of sketches and things there regardless. I've had more of an impetus to revisit my own stuff ever since I stopped getting knee-deep involved in fandoms (I just draw fan art and occasionally make pithy remarks elsewhere these days), and to be completely honest, I'm really happy that things are coming together on that front. 

3) Speaking of fandom, against all odds, I somehow managed to get something of mine showcased on Microsoft's weekly roundup of Killer Instinct shenanigans: [link] My recent Sabrewulf drawing appears around the 1:30 mark. Wow! I'm grateful and humbled they chose to share that. Thank you to Mr. Robles and the CB crew! 

4) I've mentioned that I'm going to Emerald City Comic Con next month, and that's still happening. (Knock on wood) I found out a week or so ago, that Michael Rooker is going to be at a comic convention semi-close to where I live. That was a huge surprise, seeing as I was planning on going to Wizard World Chicago in August, but had been balking at the prospect of sinking money into airfare-hotel-pass prices-et al. So of course, I'm currently working on a new picture of Yondu to make into a print for him to sign, hehe! Sean Gunn (Kraglin Obfonteri from GOTG... yanno, the scraggly looking guy who's almost always near Yondu in the movie?) and Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko and Carth Onasi's voice actor) are going to be there as well, which was a nice added surprise. Def making a print for The Judge to sign, but probably not Mr. Sbarge, due to time constraints, as I have to get something drawn up for Steve Blum at ECCC a couple weeks after that.
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I'm DelDraws on Instagram and GalaxySeer on Tumber and I just wanted to say thanks for all the support! :'D
//it really is an honor to be watched by one of my favorite artists!// ;w;
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Your art has really improved since the last time I saw your gallery! :D


I think it was 2006.

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I wanted to ask if you could draw Groot comforting Rocket after a bad dream?
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hi, I really like your Master Splinter artwork. They are all really stunning. But, I was wondering if I may use it for entertainment purposes (like in a video) and not for commercial use, and you will be credited for your work. 

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